“What should the HR function of a modern organisation be actually doing?”

Getting used to a changing world is not always easy. Especially if it’s one that’s changing every single day under the influence of technology. With artificially intelligent tools making work more agile, and better managed, a lot of us wonder fearfully if technology will find a way to replace us. Admittedly, while some jobs will become redundant as technology progresses, it will create a scope for something rather amazing – evolution. If you think about it, this Digital Revolution has indeed replaced feudal administrative processes with ones that are radical, easy to understand and use as well as effective. 

Moving away from the past


Take for example the HR function in your organization. Sometimes referred to as “the last stronghold of feudal administrative procedures,” it isn’t what we thought it to be. If anything, they’re the ones who have collaborated remarkably with technology to use data as well as AI to not just hire the best candidates, but to retain them, engage them and integrate the best of human capabilities with digital innovations. 

Now while that does sound rather impressive to the uninitiated, it also means that technology and tools are quite efficiently taking over tasks that came with the traditional HR role. But doesn’t indicate redundancy of any sort. What it does indicate is that HR is about to undergo a massive change to be better aligned with practices that define the future of work. At the end of the day, a modern HR department, no longer stuck in conference rooms, has more to do than their traditional counterparts.


Changes the future holds


1200 HR professionals from 64 countries participated in a survey conducted by KPMG last year. Eventually, it revealed that while some young, dynamic HR professionals are learning to use analytics, digital labor and AI to their advantage, a lot still remain unsure and intimidated by these massive changes. While those keeping up tend to thrive and flourish, the rest fall back. 

As HR keeps undergoing changes, so do their functions and roles as well as how they impact the organization. 


Strategic roles to help you win


Responsible for helping take decisions related to talent management, performance management, training, employee experience, keeping you up to date with trends and more, CHROs of the present have a lot more to for than focus on daily HR activities. By being involved in leadership guidance, they are the ones who can help organizations move seamlessly from traditional to new structures.


Humans meets digital


With information technology (IT), predictive analytics, artificial intelligence and machine learning in HR processes playing the roles of catalysts in an organization’s success, it is well known that HR functions who shy away from technology take longer to meet their goals.

By hiring employees who can aid the organization use the right technology, HR functions are paving the way for a rather impressive human and digital integration. While automation aids improve voluminous, repetitive processes, human capabilities make room for better management ensuring greater efficiency and performance.


Employee engagement in the limelight


While engaged employees means productive employees, we all know that quite a few organizations struggle to get it right. But organizations that do, succeed rather easily.

So with a sudden focus on employees, HR technologies aim to create excellent employee experiences. After all, without the right employees, there is no right culture. With five generations working together in a workscape that’s constantly changing, the demand for talent is getting fiercer. So unless the right talent can be motivated to be retained, they might just leave.

Engagement, if you think about it, is inherently human in nature. Sure, technology can make filling all those forms easier, but without the right HR function, taking care of employee well-being becomes a challenge.

Getting used to a changing world is not always easy. Especially if it's one that's changing every single day under... Read more
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