Want to up your sales performance management game? Here are 5 simple ways you can!

The new year is finally here. And along with it, it has ushered in 365 brand new days of new chances to learn and evolve. But life would be terrible if it was all sunshine and smiles? Wouldn’t it? Which is why, along with new opportunities there are a whole lot of challenges the new year has in store for us. Challenges in the form of new projects, targets, deliverables and deadlines. 

Whether you want to admit it or not, coming back after a sweet year end break doesn’t make getting acquainted with brand new targets any easier. If anything, it can be overwhelming for many. Which is probably why I found myself wondering how to make life in the new year a little easier and a lot smarter in 2020. After all, if you think about it, that’s rather imperative for any company’s success. 

But before you start planning how to reap the benefits of your success, it’s time to figure if you really have the right performance management strategies in place. 


Do you have the right team in place? 


So you’ve hired someone who seems like the perfect fit for your team. But does that mean they can’t be good at anything else? Thanks to flawed hiring as well as evaluation processes, very often you come across someone who is visibly better at things than the role they were hired for. Dockabl can not only help you track how your team is faring, but also allows you to recognise hidden talents that could have otherwise been overlooked easily. 


Is your team learning on the job? 


The pace at which work is changing, it is safe to say that learning is no longer restricted to universities and educational institutions. With so many trends and tools being introduced on a daily basis, there is little one can do apart from learn on the job. While learning on the job isn’t that intimidating thanks to robust online courses and educational videos, knowing if you’re learning right can be quite the challenge. With Dockabl you can easily provide feedback based on the performance of your team members, positive or even negative, motivating them to do better. 


Is your team motivated enough? 


In the past, monetary benefits and gift vouchers went a long way in terms of motivating employees. But with the changing ways of workplaces, things aren’t that simple anymore. Starting with relevant real-time feedback, and including advanced training programs, rewards to motivate employees have become rather diverse. But one of the simplest things that work wonders is the act of recognising a job well done. Thanks to Dockabl, cheering the stars of your team is easier than it was. 


Do celebrations feature on your calendars? 


While doing the best you can at work is what each of us is expected to do, it makes a huge difference if you take the time to celebrate successes, no matter how insignificant they might seem to be. Since going out to celebrate is something most teams reserve for those really special occasions, we at Dockabl decided to help you celebrate online with just a little click. 


Are you communicating well? 


In the new year, communication is key to every successful project. When you have a robust communication system in place, not only do you get the opportunity to navigate through projects – big and small – more easily, you also get the chance to align your employees with the core values of the company, guiding them towards success that is in sync with the company’s. With Dockabl’s easy-to-use interface, communication becomes faster, simpler and more effective, helping you to save time and focus on things that really matter.

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