The Future Is Here. But Are You Prepared For It?

Gone are the days where highly skilled expertise was the hero of your success story. The present and the inevitable future is quite different, to be honest. For starters, you’re in for a rather bumpy ride if you have a problem with accepting rapid changes. Why? The future of work is all about being agile, adaptable and creative. At the end of the day, how else can you keep up with such rapid changes that are constantly evolving? 

The times, as we know them, are changing. And along with it, so are workplaces. The huge shift that came about with the Digital Revolution not only introduced newer jobs and opportunities in the market, it also created a demand for newer skill sets that are a lot more fluid than we expected them to be. 

But does this mean that you should take to heart the worried whispers and be scared about what the future might hold for you? What if we told you, there’s no need to. Being prepared for the future is easier than you think it is. 


Flexibility bridges gaps


Contrary to what some believe, a Digital Revolution does not merely mean automation of specialised and general jobs. It also means greater flexibility. And with flexibility comes agile working. By shattering the age-old idea of 9 to 5 jobs, agile working allows employees to effectively be more productive. Flexible working does not only mean convenient working hours. By using technology to build robust online workspaces, companies can expand beyond geographical limitations. It also allows employees to work from anywhere, ensuring that they don’t burn out. 

By being able to access Dockabl from literally anywhere, employees no longer have to be constrained by the need to be physically present in the office. With an intuitive and easy to use interface, employees won’t waste hours keeping track of their task lists, feedback and deliverables. 


Learning never stops 


While educational institutes and degrees are important, learning on the job is no longer a matter of joke. After all, that’s how most millennials and centennials are learning. Be it videos, blog, online courses or even feedback from seniors and peers, millennials and centennials never shy away from making most of their curiosity and creativity. 

With Dockabl, the whole process of feedback becomes a lot less cumbersome than you think it is. For starters, it is no longer restricted to a few hours once a year. Additionally, it also enables you to appreciate those who have been performing exceptionally well. Not only does this give an employee a very realistic idea about how they are performing, it also gives them the space to recognise and rectify their mistakes and learn from them too. 


There’s more to creativity than you think 


Whether we want to admit to it or not, what scares us most about the future of work is the simple fact that there are high chances that the jobs we do will be taken over by AI. In simpler terms, automated. However, no matter what technology has in store for us, one thing’s for sure. There’s no way technology can replace human traits like imagination, curiosity, empathy and resilience. With these innate human capabilities being the pillars for Emotional Intelligence, Social Intelligence, Critical and Adaptive Thinking among others, workspaces devoid of these will lack character and values that make it unique. 

Easy to use and convenient too, Dockabl is perfect for setting timelines as well as giving real-time feedback.By being flexible and smart, it also helps you communicate easily with your team on the platform and recognise their strengths and weaknesses too.

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