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CredAble | Performance Management Philosophy

Client Need

  • Enable digitisation of the CredAble performance management philosophy
  • Bring in objectivity and transparency into the process, while encouraging accountability
  • Continuous performance management that will allow for ongoing objective setting, regular one-on-ones or ​’check-ins’ and real-time feedback & recognition

Our Approach

  • Deploying the Dockabl platform for all employees, enabling the end to end journey of objective setting, on-going reviews and crowd-sourced recognition
  • Series of Goal Setting workshops and webinars to support the organisation in defining their objectives
  • Support the leaders in defining and aligning their team’s objectives to the organisational priorities


  • Build employee buy-in to the performance management system which is otherwise seen as an ‘HR Process’
  • Enabling cross-team synergies
  • Organisational business priorities aligned with individual priorities
  • Real-time tracking of success metrics and enable conversation around them
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Performance Management
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