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91springboard | Digitisation of the PMS process

Client Need

  • Bring objectivity and transparency into the performance review process
  • Digitise the monthly, quarterly and annual review process seamlessly, avoiding complicated forms to be filled up
  • A robust process that will allow for the organization to follow a uniform feedback gathering mechanism as the employees used multiple channels to track and monitor goals
  • Drastically reduce the manhours spent on following up for execution of the performance management process

Our Approach

  • Deploying the Dockabl platform for all users, enabling a robust and on-going reviews mechanism
  • Conducting a series of workshops and webinars to onboard the employees onto the Dockabl platform


  • Significantly higher user engagement on the performance review process, compared to earlier cycles
  • Number of managers and their teams reached out with positive feedback on the user experience. They were keen to understand how to deploy the platform effectively to drive performance.
  • HR team freed from their monthly role of “Chief Follow-up Officers”
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