Let’s Talk OKRs

It’s that time of the year when I have to sit down, plan and figure out what we, as a team have to achieve to help a company succeed. Success, as we all know, means different things to different people. In fact, if you also take the time to ask your team what ‘success’ means to them, you’d be impressed by the number of different answers that come straight at you. I know I was! With so many opinions and ideas on the table, it’s very important for each one of us to have a clear idea of what success means to every individual project we undertake. 

That’s where OKRs come into play. 


What are OKRs? 


Welcome to the idea of Objective and Key Results, or as we know them better, OKRs. For the uninitiated, OKRs help you plan, manage and execute your goals to maximise the team’s efficiency.

When done right, they not only help organizations achieve success in their terms, it also helps establish measurable data that is easy to access, understand and share not just within the company, but externally too. 


How do OKRs help you? 


Knowing what you have to do is a part of every job. But having robust OKRs in place can be beneficial. Here’s how it helps you: 


  • Be more agile 
  • Align and collaborate across functions and teams 
  • Be more efficient and thereby save more time 
  • Communicate better 
  • Engage employees 
  • Focus on accountability 
  • Be disciplined and achieve even smaller, more ‘boring goals 


Making a difference to your OKRs 


The changes that are taking workplaces by storm have taught us quite a few things. But one of the most important lessons has been: consistent evolution. With rapid changes coming our way at an alarming pace, it’s only when you embrace and adapt to them that your company can truly evolve as a workplace of the future. In the world of OKRs, this very change is what is encouraging us to focus on numbers. Additionally, we’re learning to observe and assess the performance drivers like activity levels, process, method, aptitude, and attitude. 


Activity Levels


Sometimes working smart is what you need to do, and sometimes, only good old hard work can save the day. Activity levels help teams understand who the key all-rounders are. 




Thorough understanding of processes not only means better output, it also means a greater chance of converting potential customers into loyal ones. 




Each team rock star has a few work related secrets up their sleeves. These secrets are usually foolproof as they are methods born out of experience as well as application of skill and knowledge. 




Knowing a product is never enough. Along with sound knowledge of the product, it is important to have a good understanding of the industry, strengths of the organizations, how their competition is faring and its impact on their markets. 




While sales cycles can be unreliable, it is not recommended that attitudes follow that lead. A positive outlook coupled with creative communication allows clients to respect your positions as industry leaders. 

With Dockabl you can switch to a more continuous and realistic way of working by adopting our ‘OKRs’ Module by staying connected with your team on important goals & co-creating successful outcomes. The platform allows you to set up and delegate goals very easily and seamlessly. 

Additionally it makes room for week-on-week execution while keeping an eye on your long & short term strategy. It also helps you update progress on objectives & key result areas via the on-going check-in feature. Lastly, managing people & resources real-time by keeping the lines of communication always open becomes a cakewalk with Dockabl!

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