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Objective Setting

Define and measure your organizational, team and personal objectives - with the ability to continuously update progress and seek feedback as and when objectives are completed.

Alignment to company objectives via cascade

Align everyone in your organization to your strategic objectives - by designing and drilling down your organizational goals to teams and individuals. Enable smoother collaboration, execution and tracking of goals, and promote shared ownership of milestones.

Performance Management Process
Objective Check-ins

Effective tracking and execution of objectives and tasks with on-going check-ins

Objective progress

Comment to collaborate on objectives and solve problems real-time

On-going Reviews

Assess individuals, teams and departments on objectives, skills and competencies - with a focus on development, planning and course correction.

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Get an action-oriented bird’s eye view of a review cycle.

Make the review process a breeze! Keep a close eye on the progress of your team and the rest of the organization, and take action in time.

HR Appraisal Process
Appraisals based on anchors

Multi-dimensional assessment with customizable templates.

Design a customized Review for your organization or teams. Assessments can be created across objectives, competencies, skills and qualitative open questions.

Crowdsourced Recognition

Foster a positive and collaborative work culture - by recognizing individuals and teams on an ongoing basis.

Recognition badge - Achievement
Recognition badge - Anchor
Recognition badges - Empathy
Recognition badges - Focus
Recognition badges - Performance
Recognition badges - Growth

15+ Badges for values and competencies for driving your organization’s performance.

Choose from a variety of default and custom badges to recognize people and teams. With a simple #Tag mechanism, you can call people out for a good job done! You can also customize these badges as per your organization’s brand, values and key drivers.

Recognition badges - Passion
Recognition badges - Excellence
Recognition badges - Courage
Recognition badges - Unity
Recognition badges - Collaboration
Recognition badges -  Brilliance

On the go Recognition for social adhesion in your organization.

Recognize on mobile
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