Did you know that there’s more to being a good boss than great jokes?

10 years ago I was just another wide-eyed fresher, in awe of a whole new world and of course, super excited about all that lay in store for me. But to be honest, that wasn’t all that I felt. Along with the excitement, I was engulfed with confusion. You see, I knew nothing about having a job and being good at it. In fact, I wasn’t even sure if I was going to be good at it at all… 

Over the years, not only did I learn what it is like to have a job, I learned quite a bit about my industry and of course learned that – universities might teach you enough to land you a job of your dreams, but they don’t teach you some rather important nuances about life at work. For example, the importance of being appreciated. 

When I think about the days of being a fresher, I remember that I used to be worried all the time. Why would I not be? I was finally getting a taste of the real world and I wasn’t sure if I was doing anything right at all! 

But before I could give in to anxiety, I experienced my first ever feedback meeting with my boss. Though I had heard all about the joys of corporate life and was prepared to be ignored, things did not quite go that way. Instead, my boss decided to sit me down and give me some feedback about my work. Obviously, it wasn’t the most important feedback, but in ways, it was the most valuable one. You see, that brief meeting of 10 minutes not only helped me understand that I did indeed know how to do my job, it also helped me take the first steps towards becoming confident about what I do. 

Sadly, not all stories go like mine. Over the years, I have seen others like me, fall prey to being under-appreciated at work and losing not just motivation, but also confidence entirely. Though it might not seem very important, feeling appreciated at work is rather important when it comes to productivity. 

Working in an office usually means being a part of a team. While the joys of being a part of a team are endless, one of the pitfalls is questioning how much you and your work truly matter in the grand scheme of things. And I always make sure to let my juniors know how important each one of them really is. And it doesn’t take much! 

In fact, some of the best practices that I have learned during the course of my career have been the simplest: 

A compliment a day can keep the blues at bay 


See that fresher who spent her whole evening working on the most boring white papers? A simple “good job” could actually make her day. Or what about your junior who aced the presentation? Just because everyone loved it doesn’t mean that they don’t care about what you think. Especially if it’s all good! 


Our Team

Let them know that they’re the best at what they do 


Every time you delegate a job to someone, it automatically means that you trust their abilities more than their peers. But that doesn’t mean that they will know. So take the time to let them know what about their work you like the best and you’ll see how they shine. 

Don’t forget the TLC


Long nights, crunch times and days of not getting back home on time can be a part of “life at work”. Ease it up a bit for your team by not leaving them to get through the worst alone. And if it is an especially hard night, bring in the pizza. Treats are a great way of showing them you care! 

Thank you for thanking them 


No job is too small to be ignored. So why should you not appreciate those who are getting them done? While thanking those who are working on larger projects come naturally, never forget those who make the process work by doing their own special bits! 

But just being nice is not enough either. Good feedback is never about appreciating an employee. It is always about helping them gain confidence, getting to love their roles and responsibilities and therefore be accountable about their work. And Dockabl helps you achieve exactly that. 

By setting up and delegating tasks easily, you can not only track what your employees are doing, but also improve the productivity of the team on the whole. By being able to track progress, update objectives and also communicate with your team members seamlessly, both planning and execution become easier than you thought it was. With each feedback module being linked to a project or a skill set, employees get insights and feedback all the time, keeping performance-related doubts they have at bay. 

Easy to use and customize, with Dockabl, you can help your employees be happier, more productive and of course responsible for their work. At the end of the day, their performance depends on how you make them feel!

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