Applauding your team’s rockstar is just a click away

I love apps. I love how simple life gets all thanks to them. Starting from keeping tabs on my finances and ending with keeping tabs on how many steps I’ve taken in a day, there’s absolutely nothing that helps me stay on track more than the little reminders that keep popping up on my devices every now and then. And to be honest, it definitely beats sticky notes filling up my life. 

At work, things are honestly no different. With the digital boom transforming the ways in which we work, new tools are being introduced to our lives every single day. Some allow us to communicate better, some help us eliminate toxic practices and some help us work better, more seamlessly distance notwithstanding. 

Despite how amazing this is, a lot of people fear that technology is something to be afraid of. At the end of the day, so many jobs – both specialised and generic – have already been replaced by AI. 


But what if I told you that there is no need to be afraid? 


What if I told you that embracing this change is exactly what you need to help your business grow? You see, the power of human imagination and creativity is not something technology can replace. So when aided with the right technology, it creates some of the most beautiful solutions that help your organization thrive and grow. 

With Dockabl, not only can you observe and track your work, you can also communicate and appreciate your team effortlessly, all with a click of the button. 

While there are several apps that can help you get through work, what makes Dockabl special is that it allows you to Cheer and Boost your colleagues and team. Though a lot of you might write off the importance of appreciating your colleagues and team, at Dockabl, we know it makes a positive impact pretty instantly! 


Motivation miracles


At this point, it’s normal for some of you to wonder about the hard work you need to get used to a whole new app. Thanks to our user friendly design, not only is using Dockabl rather intuitive, you have access to the most important updates right from your home screen! 

Even if you are new to the system, getting used to it hardly takes any time. With our assistant right there to help you, you won’t even have to worry about how to write your first email of appreciation to Cheer or Boost your colleague. We have it covered!

Our smart AI also integrates seamlessly with your email app to not just track feedback notifications you get from the tool, but also consolidate it, allowing you easier access and making processes less intimidating. Similarly, our Bot also makes work smoother on Slack

When it comes to the calendar, we not just set reminders for meetings, we also help you gather information from them and offer you the opportunity to give the star of your meeting a quick Cheer. 

On Jira, every time you’re notified of a completed task, our seamless integration enables you to give a quick nudge to cheer or boost to employees who are doing a good job. 

While working hard is important at work, staying motivated is equally important if you think about it. And in our experience, a simple thank you for a job well done, goes a long way. Not only is productivity boosted when an employee realises that their efforts are being appreciated, but others are motivated to work hard too. On our platform, every single job well done calls for a round of applause. And the results are tremendous. At the end of the day, such is the power of validation.

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