Annual reviews are done, and here’s the way ahead

This new year, by now, has already promised to be a rather eventful one at work. As we move between brainstorming sessions, pitches and meeting targets, we also strive to learn as much as possible to keep up with the technology-led changes that evolve more and more with each passing day! But if you ask me, that’s not all on my mind when it comes to work. While I go about doing my routine chores at work, my mind keeps wandering to things like my annual bonuses and promotion and inevitably the annual appraisal. 


Traditional trouble


While I am looking forward to it this year, things haven’t quite been this way. I am sure quite a few of you know how dreadful traditional annual reviews can be. In a world that is evolving every single day thanks to technology, the fallacies of annual reviews as we have known them stand out rather starkly. By just focusing on just a few recent months, earlier achievements remain forgotten. Similarly, errors made only during the recent months come under scrutiny, which weighs down on your morale. To be fair, compressing an entire year’s work into one presentation does have a tendency of making you feel insignificant. 

Additionally, its inherently boring nature makes space for human errors that rely on averages instead of actual data and following up on feedback is merely a part of the process. While it is easy to point out someone’s errors during the review, without follow-up feedback, it’s difficult to understand the improvement in an employee’s performance.

So at Dockabl we decided to change the way things work. We started by realising that eliminating an annual review altogether is not the brightest of ideas. With promotions and bonuses depending on them, their role in workspaces was far more important than a lot of people would like to admit to. So we decided to address something that most seem to complain about when it comes to reviews. Feedback. 


New thoughts on the Dock 


While feedback comes with every job, we noticed that thanks to the older style of reviews, the feedback process was rather flawed. Not only were managers unable to keep following up on the feedback provided at annual reviews, employees too had a hard time accepting constructive feedback as they almost always associated it with something negative. 

It is then that we figured that coming up with a process that simplified real-time feedback as well as time and resource management was imperative. 


Changing the future


By keeping in mind the changing nature of both workspaces and workspaces of the present time, we realised that real-time feedback plays a very important role. And so do efficiency, accuracy and clear communications. With millennials and centennials making up the majority of workforces these days, it is pertinent to make performance reviews interactive, personal and dynamic. So we built a tool that not only eases the tiresome process of performance reviews, but also helps you recognise an employee’s strengths and weaknesses and support them to evolve professionally. 


  • Tight timelines


Dockabl enables you to set up timelines for every single project which in turn allows you to track your teams performance and progress.


  • Real-time routines


Giving real-time feedback becomes a lot easier and so does following up with people about designated tasks.


  • Focused flexibility 


By being flexible and easily customisable, tracking, reviewing and rewarding an employee becomes almost effortless. 


  • Communication at your fingertips 


Ease of communication on the platform and the plug-ins eliminate chances of miscommunication and misunderstandings that otherwise could have impacted your team’s performance negatively.


  • Recognition on a screen 


With Dockabl, recognising your employees’ strengths and weaknesses become more accurate.

As we all know by now, the way we work is changing. And in an era of such tremendous technological advancements, it is important to remember that keeping up with the times can make a huge difference in your company’s overall performance. 

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