Add some cheer to the lives of coworkers!

Though late-nights are nothing to write home about, once in a while, all of us have to deal with what we call the unavoidable workplace evil. Especially when we have to roll out new updates and integrations. I’ll let you in a little secret about the processes, they are relentless. So it’s obvious that everyone needs to be vigilant, careful and responsible. Watching pieces fit into place and give rise to something new and amazing. 

But the question is, who watches the watchmen? 


Being human goes a long way 


You see, getting through a particularly hard project without the right kind of support isn’t easy at all. While having a competent team in place is of utmost importance, having members with impressive humane skills is too. You might assume that in a highly specialised role empathy can’t play any kind of a role. But you’re wrong. At the end of the day, it’s empathy that urges us to get our co-worker a hot cuppa! Similarly, the creative ones can help arrive at unique solutions and ones with good managerial skills can take care of small hiccups without you even noticing! 

Sadly, in traditional methods of recognition and rewarding, incorporating the finer details about work that made the day worth it wasn’t prevalent. So it was very, very easy to overlook these rock stars who make the team grow. 


Cheers to all! 


But thankfully, with the changing landscape of work things are beginning to look different. 

For example, you now don’t have to wait for appraisal meetings of any sort to let your teammate know how awesome they’ve been. With just a click, you can leave them a cheer or a boost at any time for a job well done, whether it is being an ace at a meeting or being really organised. 

Sounds good. Right? But imagine how much better it would be if there were points to win and redeem at the end of the day? 


Thanks to our mobile Work-Life app, that could be a part of your work life. And here’s how: 


After people cheer or boost you, you’ll get to respond on the action to indicate whether it was helpful or not. The number of validations left on the feedback help others understand its importance. Eventually, this will give rise to the opportunity to calculate your Work-Life score. 

Different activities allocate different points, the points help you reach higher levels. So how can one even begin to start calculating the work life score?

Since feedback currently is derived by behaviour and skill, a mix is very important. At the end of the day, both skill and behaviour play a huge role in determining your capabilities and progress in an organisation. 

Similarly, quantity also matters in the future. A large quantity of feedback doesn’t essentially mean great feedback, so the system needs to know the right balance. 

Feedback impact helps the user validate the importance of feedback that has been left behind. How? By helping you understand what kind of an impact it has on you at work! 

And that’s not all. With some great integrations in place, getting used to it isn’t a hassle at all. With gamification playing an important role in getting things done and calculating scores, it gives the tool a chance to curate feedback that actually makes a huge difference in both recognising as well as rewarding someone. 

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