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Seamedu & ToolBox Studio | Performance Management

Client Need

  • Bring alive the concept of continuous performance management at SEAS (Seamedu & ToolBox Studio)
  • Seamedu had been looking to align all their faculty to the larger college objectives, while ToolBox Studio was looking to bring in a digital platform that can help their employees work together on shared projects
  • Bring in objectivity and transparency into the process, while encouraging accountability

Our Approach

  • Deploying the Dockabl platform for all employees, enabling the end to end journey of objective setting, on-going reviews and crowd-sourced recognition
  • Series of workshops and webinars to support the organisation in goal setting and initiating formal review interventions
  • Ensuring real-time query resolutions to ensure adoptions amongst faculty members and animation/technology experts was high


  • Build employee buy-in to the performance management system by providing a common platform, especially for shared objectives
  • Digitisation of the performance management process helped to bring clarity and alignment amongst employees of larger business goals
  • Ensuring performance conversations are transparent and systematic
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Performance Management
Performance Management
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