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A prelude to Dockabl Insights

Hi! Welcome to Dockabl.

We’re a team that is building a platform that enhances productivity at work, enables continuous performance & development and drives engagement in an effective manner.

We decided to create Dockabl because we saw a clear problem:

  • Organizations are setting goals at highest levels but the work being done by departments, teams and individuals isn’t properly aligned with these goals. So, there is a lot of wasted effort, lost productivity and loss of morale
  • Employees today aren’t getting relevant feedback on their performance, they can use. They need feedback that is accurate, real-time and constructive. Unfortunately, organizations are using performance management as a means to distribute their compensation budget
  • Organizations aren’t able to get their head around the millennials and what it would take to keep them productive, interested and engaged
  • We are still taking critical decisions about our business and talent based on what a few folks think up in the boardroom, most of the organizations aren’t even aware of the power of analytics and insights to fuel decision making

We decided to fix all of the above and more, by creating Dockabl. A tool that makes the process of goal execution, ongoing feedback, career progression and recognition easy & intuitive.

During this process we’ve been speaking to plenty of founders, HR experts and CXOs. We will be sharing some of the best insights we’ve gained from talking to the top brains in the country in a series called Dockabl Insights. It will feature practical advice on things that affect us the most while setting up teams and managing people.

  • Addressing the white elephant in the room: Go Lean or Go Loaded. The debate between niche platforms and enterprise solutions.
  • Do managers of today lack engagement techniques or do they micro manage too much?
  • How to maximise your returns as an employee by using an HR Tech tool.
  • 5 things that say you’ve invested in the right HR platform.
  • Are you leading your data-driven organisation based on your intuition? Maybe, It’s time to change.

At Dockabl we like exploring concepts in the most inclusive and diverse way. Through our posts we invite our readers to join us on this journey of discovering insights from deepest trenches of the corporate jungle. As we see it, this engagement will enrich the Dockabl end-user’s experience as well as yours.

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