Dockabl partners with Xoxoday

Dockabl is happy to announce its partnership with XoxodayThis partnership brings the best of the talent management and the total rewards experience together. It’s a powerful integrationwhere through 

Dockabl’s Recognition module and Xoxoday’s Plum e-benefits catalog you can bring alive your organisation’s culture through exciting recognition initiatives and a rich reward program, created as per your choice 

Dockabl’s recognition module enables multiple different recognition programs, through which employees can recognize individuals and teams, on key values, skills, behaviours and drivers as defined by an organization. The platform includes a library of custom designed recognition badges and relevant reports and insights. Click here for a quick preview of the recognition module! 

Xoxoday’s rewards catalog – Plum- is an e-benefits platform which helps business leaders in implementing the ‘rewards and benefits’ programs at scale. The end beneficiaries of these programs – be it employees, channel partners or consumers – can avail of thousands of e-benefits giving them the true power of choice. The e-benefits catalog is getting richer every day with benefits in categories such as wellness, personal finance, e-learning, e-gift cards, experiences, privileges, philanthropy, rentals, perks & offers, and subscriptions. Plum is a collection of 5000+ Experiences, 2000+ Gift Vouchers, 6000+ Perks and Benefits and instant redemption across 70+ countries.

The two platforms coming together can: 

  • To build a culture of mutual appreciation and encouragement while individuals and teams are felicitated real-time for a great job and everyone in the eco-system is able to applaud, view and contribute 


  • To make the Organizational Core Values and key behaviours a part of every day at work, such that, someone demonstrates these behaviors and instantly gets called out for it 


  • To seamlessly connect the organization across locations and hierarchies, locally and globally by bringing people together to recognize, appreciate and cherish key moments 


  • To make recognition an on-going phenomenon, a way of life, which works on the core principles of ‘Instant gratification’ and ‘Continuous engagement’, anchored around core drivers (key behaviors, values etc.) 


  • To customize key celebrations & experiences in an organization for the employees to redeem and enjoy via the platform 


  • To share and leverage recognition best practices across demographics 


In case your organisation is interested in knowing more about Dockabl and Xoxoday‘s offerings, please reach out to us at